Riverside Academy

We take immense pride in introducing our RIVERSIDE ACADEMY which is our innovative educational, and socially responsible initiative. Established, this year 2023 in partnership with Newbridge College.

Our first intake of eight, higher diploma students, who were carefully selected from an unprecedented number of applications have been given a lifetime opportunity to study in the ever-growing industry of Hotel Management. The learners are given practical training and exposure in the workplace while they are studying.

At Riverside Academy, we are dedicated to providing a life-changing opportunity to our young, ambitious students who are passionate about pursuing a career in the dynamic field of Hotel Management. Our unique approach blends traditional education with hands-on, practical training within a real workplace environment.

The Riverside Hotel has provided all the learners with student tuition costs. Uniforms and name badges convey the professional appearance and can be clearly identified.

The programme is guided by well defined policies ,ensuring that the learners are properly equipped and prepared for their roles no matter the departmental requirements, while also maintaining a consistent appearance at all times.

The Riverside, created a conducive training environment for the learners to excel and become well rounded hotel management professionals the industry needs.

It is our hope that with the skills and experience our students develop will lead to successful careers in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.

Here’s to our future Hotel Managers, who will undoubtedly shine in the world of hospitality!

Riverside Academy at The RIverside Hotel Durban North Riverside Academy at The RIverside Hotel Durban Nort